Quality Assurance (part 2) – more safety

Facebook post 20th May 2017:

Isn’t that always the way?!

Just when I thought I had all the safety and warning signs I could possibly need in my studio some new disaster comes along! ….. I accidentally knocked my “dirty turps and paint” jar onto the floor.

Well actually, I knocked the “DANGER – PALETTE KNIVES” warning sign, which then knocked over the “CAUTION – SAFETY GLASSES TO BE WORN AT ALL TIMES” warning sign, which in turn knocked my “dirty turps and paint” jar onto the floor.

So I had to rush out to buy some bollards and warning tape so I could cordon off the area, then fill in an “Incident Report” form, then create a new warning sign to prevent such a thing ever happening again, then, as a matter of priority, I created a new sub-section in my new “Safety Instructions” manual and detailed all the steps necessary to deal with this sort of situation in a safe manner so I could read it and see what to do next.

So far I appear to have done everything exactly as stipulated in the “Safety Instructions” manual.

The next step was to don full protective clothing, including a hard hat and reflective vest – just in case – and clean up the broken glass and turps and sludgy paint and thoughtfully dispose of it all in an environmentally-conscious manner.

It is quite a sad moment actually. I have had that jar for many years and it has accompanied me through good times and bad and has been a part of many, many paintings. And even before that I’m pretty sure it used to be a jar of cream cheese spread, which was very tasty.

I intended to show you a photo of it smashed on the floor but it was too distressing. I couldn’t do it. So here is a photo of the new jar, with its first bit of dirty turps.

It doesn’t have much character at the moment – I don’t even know what it originally had in it. For all I know it could have been pickles! … Never mind, I’ll try not to think about it and maybe one day it will become as special as my last jar.