FEET – or are they boots?

Today I unearthed this early drawing from goodness knows how many years ago.

Back in the days before I had discovered – or could afford – paints, everything was ballpoint pen drawings. Sometimes birds or maybe some insect that was crawling up the window, but most often slightly weird (or sometimes gruesome) drawings from my imagination.

I did this drawing several years before I found out that Rene Magritte had already done something similar long before I was even born. Perhaps I was unknowingly tapping into a universal subconscious. Or maybe it’s just that there are only a limited number of ideas humans are capable of coming up with and sooner or later they’re going to get repeated in some form or another …?

Although I would admit that these feet probably wouldn’t be best suited for activities such as running, I do think, stability-wise, they are a substantial improvement on the standard foot design most of us are stuck with.

One thought on “FEET – or are they boots?”

  1. Ah yes, my favorite drawing from many years ago. I still reckon that’s a piece of genius.

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