While I have many, and varied, interests and am reasonably adept in a number of fields, my other main passion is music.

I play guitar and sing as half of a duo with my friend and fellow singer/guitarist Nick Deane. We mostly perform covers of popular songs by bands such as the Beatles, Everly Brothers, Bee Gees and more, and the occasional instrumental by bands such as The Shadows, The Ventures.

Apart from that I like to compose and record my own original music when I can find time.

I have a You Tube channel where I have placed some of my original music recordings, set as “backdrops” to slideshows of paintings. Here are some of them (including one with Nick providing the background music):

LANZCAPE I exhibition

Paintings sold in LANZCAPE II exhibition

Sunrise Over Kardinya

The Bird Paintings exhibition

Lady Agnew